Why Fat Loss for Women is different from men
Rapid Fat loss

Why Fat Loss for Women is different from men

Fat loss for women is similar to men, but you need to concern that Women Weight loss process is different from men. Learn it, and DO it properly.

Why women need to think about it?

There are plenty of reasons why women need to think about weight loss and not all of them have to do with fitting into clothes. Some of them include the fact that it enhances health where they are less likely to fall ill all the time, enjoy better medical care, boost one’s self esteem, helps ladies to stay sharp, avoid depression, work out easy, protect vital organs, save more money, breathe better, enjoy a healthier/steamier sex life and so many other benefits that come along with weight loss for women all of them that help ladies enjoy better quality of life.


Weight Loss for women



Why women weight loss is harder than men?


Keep in mind that weight loss for women is different from that of men as they normally tend to lose weight faster than ladies. There are various physiological reasons that bring out the difference and these include:

  1.  Women have lower tolerance when it comes to exercise- generally men have a larger lung capacity when compared to men. This makes women feel like they are working harder when in reality they are working on the same level as the men. This can also make exercise feel harder especially in high humidity or heat.
  2. Men’s bodies normally respond more quickly to exercise- when dealing with weight loss for women, it is important to understand that women’s bodies have to first go into starvation mode which slows down metabolism to hang on more to the fat.
  3. Men generally have more muscles– this usually allows them to burn more calories even when they are resting something that can be quite upsetting to the ladies who try to keep up.
  4. Ladies are pre disposed not only to store fat but retain it- higher levels of estrogen in women means that they have to work harder than men when they want to lose weight.


Although Women Weight Loss is tough, but It’s POSSIBLE!

This however does not mean that there is no hope in regards to weight loss for women as it is possible to achieve the kind of body shape you have always dreamed of. When you think about it, great reasons are behind why women store fat as estrogen helps women to become pregnant and creating as well as nurturing life is indeed a huge deal. It is also advisable that you stop comparing yourself with others whether female or male when trying to lose weight. This is simply because everyone loses weight differently and a person’s genes as well as hormones play a huge role with the weight loss process.


Some of the basic steps that you can take if you want to be successful with weight loss for women include changing your lifestyle to something that you will grow to love and appreciate. This is where you have to start making healthy life choices in regards to everything that goes into your mouth and exercise. If you find this a little bit too hard, you can look for a support system that will help you achieve your goals. These are people you should trust to tell you the truth at all times no matter how hard it may hurt and hold your hand until you achieve your weight goals.


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