weight loss 101
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weight loss 101

If you want to lose some extra pounds of weights. Maybe you need a checklist.


  1. Please bear in mind that, losing weight [ effectively ] consists of 70% eating habit, and 30% workout routine. On this point, I can say that you can loss weight by just only control food intake daily [ strictly ]. From my experience, you can do that, but not highly recommended. If you control just only food consumption, you can loss weight and also “muscle”. That’s not good for a long run. You might loss 10 pounds in couple weeks, but you might not look good [ as you wish for ]. Then try to control food consumption & exercise regularly.
  2. Be patient, you can kick out extra weight just in a days, or week. It’s take time, and need a consistent try. Can you do that?
  3. Don’t concern [much] on what people talk. Some might support on what you have done, and some might not. You are “the only one” to try this weight loss mission. Then talk, and support yourself.
  4. Drink lot of water daily, I mean “pure” water, not soft drink. Water can balance your metabolism during “weight loss” period.
  5. Do exercise regularly. If possible, try to do cardio at least 45 minutes per session. One more thing, it doesn’t matter what time you prefer to workout. It might be in the morning, or even the evening. It’s not a big deal. There is no correct answer, it’s upon your convenience.
  6. If you need to stay late at night for work, or study…why don’t you try “yogurt” instead of late dinner.

Tips: How to lose weight effectively


  1. Don’t skip breakfast. It’s the most crucial meal of the day.
  2. Don’t forget to have a sleep tight.
  3. Don’t have a late dinner. I mean you better have a dinner 4 – 5 hours before going to bed.
  4. Don’t stress, and don’t rush yourself. You might lose 3 – 4 pounds during the 1st week, but lose nothing for 2nd week. Don’t stop doing. Losing weight is one of the hardest task, but everyone can make it happen once you don’t STOP it.
  5. Don’t forget to put some vegetables & fruit on your meal.
  6. Don’t postpone yourself. If you want to lose weight tomorrow, it WON’T happen. Do it now!
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