Stay away from Trans Fat

Stay away from Trans Fat

Why zero grams trans fat?

Trans fat, nutritionally speaking, is the unhealthiest fat of all. Regular and continues consumption of trans fat will result in fat build-up on artery walls, blocking blood flow and causing coronary artery disease and other heart diseases. Trans fats are widely used in the food and bakery industries because of the longer shelf-life, and quite cheap when compare with high quality material. That’s why you can see lot of trans fat material inside your common food. Be careful about it.

no more trans fat

If you concern with healthy food, you better pick the best choices for yourself, and love ones. Stay away from trans fat food, for example French fried, deep fried food, food cook with oil, cake, cookie, and bakery. For you, who do concern to lose weight, should eat the right food and exercise regularly. If possible, you must have a good diet plan and stay away from trans fat.

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