Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss
Rapid Fat loss

Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

Is it really help to lose weight? Know the Science behind juicing and weight loss. Advantages of Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss. DIY Recipes!

In the day to day activities, we are exposed to a lot of toxins from industries, roads, workplaces, food products and overall atmosphere. These toxins are usually stored in fat cells and continued deposition may result in unsightly fat deposition and excess weight. The best way to tackle unwanted weight is through diet since that is also how we end up packing them. Juicing recipes for weight loss is among the latest discoveries to be made. Taking a glass of nicely blended vegetables and fruits can result in incredible loss of body mass.


Science behind juicing and weight loss


Jucing Recipes for weight loss

When we eat a lot of solid food including vegetables, proteins, starch and fruits, our bodies spend more energy in quick digestion. This causes unreasonable starving after a short while and consequential packing of fats. A glass of 16oz juice consisting of blended vegetables and fruits will however reduce the energy needed to digest and absorption becomes much easier. This is taken before the main meals and significantly reduces appetite while still providing all the vitamins and nutrients needed. Besides, vegetable (especially greens from the cruciferous family like broccoli, Brussels, kales collards, radish, arugula, mustard and cabbage) are known to eliminate toxins.


How to make the juices Recipes For Weight Loss


Making juicing recipes for weight loss is a very simple procedure that does not require any technical knowledge. It is however important to note that the frequency and consistency of drinking the juice and its composition will influence the results. Wash the fruits and vegetables, remove the peelings and chop them into small pieces before putting them into a juice extractor. As aforesaid, the juice should be taken before meals when you feel hungry to reduce your appetite. Fruits usually contain sugar that can reduce the rate of weight loss and should be used moderately. However, they are important as they enhance taste. You should also avoid coriander and basils since they are known to stimulate appetite. A good combination is 20% fruits and 80% vegetables.


Advantages of Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss


There are many advantages of using juicing recipes for weight loss as opposed to other programs. This diet is very simple to make and practice. There are no strenuous exercises, extreme food rationing or fixed intake schedule. The food products are readily and cheaply available in the market and consumption is very convenient as it can be preserved and carried to work. It is also difficult to regain lost weight unless you return back to heavy feeding. The juicing recipes mainly include high proportions of vegetables and fruits which help to eliminate toxins from the body, thus preventing certain chronic diseases besides shedding weight. A meal containing 5 kale leaves, a cucumber, an apple, celery stalks, lime and carrot, will surely result in a puckered stomach and heightened digestion. A glass of juice containing all these nutrients will however ease the digestion process and utilize less energy thus preventing conversion of sugar into fat. The energy spent in digestion of a puckered stomach is equally redistributed to other functions and results in improved focus, eyesight, concentration and overall body activity. Juice therefore sheds away the extra pounds and initiates a healthier platform for normal body functioning.


Examples of recipes

There are numerous combinations that can be achieved due to the many vegetables and fruits available. Some of the weight-loss juicing recipes include the following;

  • Example 1 – 2 apples, cucumber, 1 stick celery, spinach and watercress (or parsley, lettuce). Juice the apples, cucumber, spinach and celery. Add the remaining ingredients to the juice and pour into a blender. Add some ice and blend until smooth (about a minute).


  •  Example 2 – 1 small beetroot, red tomato, 1 carrot,  yellow peas,  red apple, Brussels sprout, arugula and broccoli florets. After cleaning and trimming, add all the vegetables to a juice extractor.


  • Example 3 – 2 small zucchini, ¼ red cabbage, 1 purple kale, white cauliflower,  cup blueberries, orange, ¼ cucumber and shredded coconut. Add all the vegetables and fruits to a juice extractor.


  • Example 4 –  pineapple, 2 apples,  cup alfalfa sprouts, cup watercress, cup kales, cup parsley, cup broccoli and wheatgrass powder. Juice all the ingredients, add wheatgrass powder, stir and pour into a glass with ice.


Juicing recipes are very effective in reducing body mass and eliminating toxins, they also cure the digestive tracks and enrich the body with various essential vitamins. You should however practice consistency for at least two weeks to achieve better results.

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