How to reduce body fat
Rapid Fat loss

How to reduce body fat

Think about Lose body fat? You better know DO and DON’T while you reduce body fat.  Losing weight is challenging, but you CAN make it!

How to reduce body fat is an issue for all. It’s not too far, but need a try. If  you put enough effort, you better get the satisfied result. Weight  loss is basically be achieved by eating food with the least concentration of calories and also by burning calories available in the body, there is some important tips person need to put in consideration on how to reduce body fat

“Must do” on how to reduce body fat


Do # 1: Drink too much water

How to reduce body fat: Dinking enough waterTe easiest way to speed up your fat loss result is to hydrate regularly. Water is the most critical element in facilitating and maintaining individuals’ chemistry after oxygen. If you strip your body of water, it will strip you of energy, health, and ultimately, your life. We are usually advised by the specialist, to take 8 glasses of water a day for an average person. To be properly hydrated, person must take a minimum of 7 oz of pure water (not tap water) for each 10lbs. of body weight. To make hydration more effective, you should ensure that all water you drink is alkaline water. Besides adding oxygen to your water, alkalizing water also help neutralize the acid that produce the person’s body fat. To alkalize your water, you can use any of the alkalizing agents such as prime PH. How to reduce body fat is impossible without enough water taken each day.


Do # 2: Combine the Right Diet

How to reduce body fat: Combined foodThe food we eat if not combined properly, we could be causing them to spoil in out stomach, which lead to the production of acids and toxins, which the body must clean up. Each type of food, carbohydrates, protein, and fats needs different conditions in proper digestion. Carbs are always digested in the small intestine and needs an alkaline environment. On the other side, proteins, need a more acidic environment and are broken down in the stomach. When you consume proteins and carbs together, these contradictions require the digestion both. In turns, this could let carbs and proteins putrefy, in your stomach. If you concern about how to reduce body fat, proper food is one of main factor.


“Don’t do” on how to reduce body fat


Don’t # 1: Avoid artificial Sweeteners

Many people rely on artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose, Aspartame, NutraSweet, or Saccharin to cut calories on how to reduce body fat. Artificial sweeteners present your body with acidic waste removal problem and also affect other of your body parts in serious adverse ways.NutraSweet, which is the commercial name for aspartame, it is linked with neurological problems and nervous system damage through many studies. If you are consuming artificial sweetener, other than making your fat loss efforts impossible, you are also damaging your body in non-repairable ways. The best natural sugar that is recommended for use without side effect is Stevia.


Don’t # 2: Avoid Preservative Foods, Additives, and Food Coloring

The same concept in acidic liquids applies for other poisons, which includes food coloring, all food preservatives, and synthetic food additives. Body system was not aimed to digest these food chemical substances, so it has to either: eliminate, neutralize, or park them away, in a place they can’t damage the body.

To neutralize the acid, the body pulls alkaline buffers from anywhere it is capable of:

  • It produces cholesterol to neutralize the acid
  • It bleaches ion from the red blood cells
  • It pulls calcium form the bones
  • It steals potassium from muscles tissues
  • It pulls magnesium, zinc and other elements from everywhere else.

There are several weight loss programs that have been developed over time. Some will focus on physical workout; others will concentrate on dieting, while others involve the use of weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, many may also come with side effects. These include nausea, unproportional body, loss of appetite, and much more. This is the more reason you may find it ideal to go for a program that is safe and effective. A good program uses simple but realistic goals .It also follows a specific plan based on a person’s age, weight, height, body size, and also metabolism. How to reduce body fat is not too far to reach, but need a good road map to follow!


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