How to Lose Weight for women in their 30s
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How to Lose Weight for women in their 30s

You might have noticed that since hitting your 30s you have increasingly gained a lot of weight.

Well, the same applies for virtually all ladies at this epoch of their lives. As it is, there is a wide variety of factors which contribute to this problem. To begin with, when you hit your 30s your metabolic rate significantly decreases. This means that your innate calorie burning ability begins to slow down, leading to more fat been deposited in your body.

You also have to contend with premenstrual symptoms, one of which happens to be major fluctuations in your weight. Additionally, it can also be extremely hard for you to watch your eating habits while juggling your responsibilities to your family and professional life. However, despite of all these challenges, there are ways to maintain a healthy weight, even for ladies in their 30s. To which end, below are tips on how to lose weight for women in their 30s that can come in handy.

Best ways to lose weight for women in their 30s


Your waistline will begins to expand as the total body fat increases while your muscle mass and body water levels decrease. This is the main reason why you experience significant increases in body weight and lose your muscle tone in your 30s. As such, it is essential to do your best to increase your muscle bulk, which will fast track greater fat burning round the clock. Two excellent ways to do this is by integrating regular workout regimen into your life, while also watching your diet. When it comes to the latter issue, you can do the following.

Food and exercises for women in their 30s

There happen to be numerous ways of how to lose weight for women in their 30s, which you can employ efficiently. Let us now take a look at some of the most notable.

Foods to eat

Eat breakfast to lose weightFor starters, you should make it a point to integrate cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kop chop. These one of a kind vegetables are rich in a nutrient known as indole 3 carbinol that has been proven to play a role in minimizing excessive estrogen levels in ladies in their 30s. Secondly, insoluble fiber like that found in whole wheat and brown rice is highly noted for binding itself to estrogen in the gut.

Make it a point to eat 5 times a day

Basically speaking, you should consume 3 solid meals and 3 snacks each day. With the snacks been limited to not more 200 calories each. Always go for protein bites, which can keep you feeling satiated for longer. This includes yoghurt, protein shakes, beef jerkey, deli meats boiled eggs and low sugar snack bars. Also, never forget to eat breakfast each day that will keep you satiated and curb unhealthy cravings in between meals.


Generally speaking, you won’t have to go over drive in the exact workouts you can employ. Just make sure you select those, which will fast track fat burning and also enhance your body’s Yoga to lose weightmuscle mass. Some good examples of such exercises include cardios and even light strength training like weight lifting.

When it comes exercises for ladies in their 30s, you will definitely be spoilt for choices. Yoga is an especially good workout you could take up as it is an excellent way to de-stress, particularly if you lead a busy professional and family lifestyle. You may also like to try out biking, which will give you a good cardio workout. Finally, taking aerobics classes can also be an excellent means keeping a tight grip on your weight.

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Why is weight loss in 30s different than in 20s?

While in their 20s, most women enjoy a peak in their metabolism, meaning that the fat burning process is usually at an optimal level. This is also the time when ladies experience their highest basal metabolic rate. This is simply the number of calories you can burn by just been alive. Therefore, losing weight at this point is infinitely much easier. On the other hand, as you hit your 30s, you will begin experience a slower caloric burning ability. This in turn will lead to an increase in body fat, which can ultimately develop into the muscle mass that is left. You will also be producing lesser human growth hormone that will take a toll in your overall metabolic rate. Hope this article on how to lose weight for women in 30s has been insightful.

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