How to Lose 10 pounds without exercise
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How to Lose 10 pounds without exercise

Many people want to lose weight, but the thing is we might not have much time to workout. If you want to lose 10 pounds without exercise, you better learn these tips. You better change your lifestyle in order to reach your goal.

20 Tips to lose 10 pounds without exercise


1. Low fat is not always the right answer. Most low fat food compose of low (or average) quality of carbohydrate. It provide you with less energy (maybe less than your body looking for). Moreover low fat food “Can’t” make you full.

2. Small portion is the answer. Be careful the portion of food taking in your mouth. If you prepare a small portion, it means that you need to chew it slowly. This might take about 15 – 20 minute till you done. That’s good habit, because you won’t take too much food, and it’s helpful for your digestion.

3. Enough sleep. Don’t oversleep, or sleep less than 6 – 7 hours. From the research, if you take too much or not enough sleep, it will let you more hunger. Of course, this will let you have extra meal at the wrong time. By doing this, gaining weight is an unexpected outcome.

4. No more “free food”. You might get some free food from the shopping mall, or someone else. Please bear in mind that free food = over calories. Be careful what you put in your mouth.

5. No more pop drink. From the research, if you take 2 glasses of pop drink, you will increase 33% of the chance to be obese. Diet or sugar free drink is such a liar.

6. Don’t skip the meal. Some says that skip the meal can make you slimmer, but it’s totally wrong. Once you skip one meal, it will make you more hunger. You will eat much more for the next meal. From the research from the American Journal of Epidemiology claimed that skip any meal will make you fatter 4.5 times than the normal one.

7. Eat slowly. Take about 20 minutes to swallow slowly, this will let your brain function together. You will full at the proper manner.

8. Watching TV while eating will make you fat easier. You can decrease 119 calories/day if you stop watching tv during meal.

9. No more Combo set. Combo set comes with attractive price, but more calories than you need.

10. No more buffet. The same reason above. Buffet provide you with variety of food, but too much calories than your body need.

11. Prefer small dish. Smaller dish will let you eat less.

12. Put more additional food inside the kitchen, not on the dining table. This is a psychology, once it’s not comfortable to eat more, then you might eat less. If you put everything on the dining table, you probably get 35% of chance to eat more.

13. Think about whole grain. This provide you with enough fiber, and make you full longer. Why don’t you choose whole grain (or whole wheat) for snack time? It’s good choice, try it!

14. Ask a helper. It might be the time to consult with nutritionists, if possible. They will give you the right direction what you should eat daily to control weight properly.

15. Drink lot of water. It good to stay hydrate, and if possible take about 1 – 2 glass of water before the meal. By doing this, you might get a chance to lose weight about 30% more than normal people.

16. Stay close with healthy people. Once you stay close with healthy people, you will have more motivation to stay healthy. Those people will inspire you to eat less, and motive you to stay in shape.

17. No more late dinner. If possible, please do have dinner before 8 p.m.

18. No more orange juice. It’s good for your health, BUT you will get lot of sugar, and unexpected calories. If possible try fresh fruit instead. Once you think about herbal juice, why don’t you try aloe vera juice? It can boost up weight loss process, and not too sweet for your health.

19. Don’t eat when you are moody. By doing this, you can’t control what you put in your mouth, and get around 13 times of chance to be obese.

20. Weight yourself regularly. By doing this, you will know what position you are right now.

Hopefully those tips above can help you lose weight without exercise. By the way, if you seriously to lose weight, workout can make you reach your goal faster!

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