How long does it take to build muscle
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How long does it take to build muscle

Ever have question on How long does it take to build muscle? There are many factors you need to know. Some tips on how to build muscle mass.


Simple question, but complicated answer


How long does it take to build muscleHow long does it take to build muscle? This is a question that many people especially men will ask. Most of them get impatient and think a couple of dumbbell routines will increase their muscle quickly. Some even go as far as looking in the mirror and flexing their arms to see if their muscles have grown some after their first ever workout routine.

It is important to remember that muscle tissue doesn’t just magically appear, because there has to be some supporting factors to enable your muscles to grow. One of the factors that support muscle growth is the stress that you put on them in the form of workouts. The muscles will have no choice but adapt to the pressure put on them by getting stronger and eventually getting bigger. However, muscle building is a gradual process and all beginners should understand this when they begin the process.


Tips on How long does it take to build muscle

A few tips that will help beginners to better answer the question of how long does it takes to build muscle and also help them quickly build muscle are as follows:-

  1. muscle-foodEat Up: Muscle cannot be built on workouts alone but the food you eat is an essential contributor to muscle mass increase. It is advisable to begin keenly reading food labels in order to understand the number of calories in the foods you are eating. After doing that, try to add 500 more calories to the calories you are already eating. Just ensure that you take one protein for every pound of your body weight every day. With such diets coupled with workouts your muscles, shouldn’t take long in building up.
  2. Limit Cardio: You can actually do light jogging on a treadmill for two days but remember to do it for only 30 minutes for every session. This will help you lose the fat and retain the muscle. You can do sprint intervals such as running for a minute then light jogging for two minutes. Do this routine for 30 minutes three times in one week.
  3. Train the small Muscles: It is important to remember to train your small muscles too. Train them like rotators on your shoulders and ensure that you maintain flexibility as you do so. Your body has to function as a single unit to pack muscle. In case you ever skip training the smaller muscles you might stagnate and not show progress for a long time.
  4. Train When You Feel Best Motivated: Once you feel motivate that is the time to train. Forget the studies that say that strength is at its peak at 4pm, 6pm and so on. Simply train when you feel the need to, if you love mornings and feel that you will accomplish much then, by all means go ahead. You can train anytime, but you need to do it oftenly. As earlier mentioned, muscle can’t built in just only one day, or even few days.
  5. Prepare Your Workouts: Adequate preparation is advisable when beginning your muscle building workouts. Plan what you need to do and put down in writing all your goals for every workout. Writing all down and then executing it is important. Don’t just keep it all in your mind, writing it down makes it more real.
  6. Drink Shake: Take lots of protein shakes and sip them throughout your workout. Finish the drink after every workout and mix a fresh one immediately. Whole foods are not advisable in this case.
  7. Practice Full Body Workouts: Better results will be achieved by training your whole body in single workouts. You might consider focusing on the upper body in one session and then focusing on the lower body in the next session. Also focus on lifts that will involve many muscles at a go such as dead lifts, rows, presses, squats, pull-ups and so on.
  8. Stretch: Practice any kind of stretching using the foam roller or by getting massages to help maintain body flexibility. This will prevent serious injuries from occurring during workouts.
  9. Be Committed: Be committed to your workouts and never skip a routine. When you do, find a way to make up for it.
  10. Recover: Give your body an opportunity to recover by getting enough sleep. Train not more than ten times a week to avoid over stressing your body. Avoid chronic nervousness, excess stress and so on.


Still wonder about how long does it take to build muscle?

With the above tips the question of how long does it take to build muscle will be answered when you see positive results on your body. You will then know how long it took you.


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