gaining muscle to lose weight
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gaining muscle to lose weight

Have you ever heard about increase muscle to lose weight? Some facts you better KNOW to speed up Weight Loss by gaining muscle.

Gaining muscle is a “must” if you trying to lose weight. Yeah, I really mean it. How? Let’s see some facts….

Gaining muscle to Lose weight: Is that true?

It is important for you to fully understand that the right weight training builds muscle mass. While, at the same time, building more muscle mass can substantially assist in burning more calories, enhances metabolism and makes fat shredding much quicker. Generally speaking, the body by itself burns more calories every day to maintain 1lbs of muscle than 1lbs of fat. So, the more lean muscle mass you can gain, the more calories you will be able to burn naturally while at rest.

By making a point to build lean muscle mass, you will greatly enhance your metabolism and convert your body to a calories burning and fat-scotching machine. Indeed, your body does burn more calories in maintaining muscle mass than maintaining fat. Accruing more muscle mass certainly has a high potential to fast track your metabolism. Hence attempting to gain muscle to lose weight is in fact a very feasible proposition.

Ideally, 1lbs of muscle mass can burn from 5 to 6 calories each day while you rest. This definitely signifies that taking the effort to build at least 5lbs can lead to burning an additional 25 to 30 calories each day. To make thing even better, building 10lbs of muscle mass will make your body to an additional 50 to 60 calories every day! Isn’t that simply mind blowing? On the other hand, 1lbs of fat only burns a paltry 2 calories when you are at rest.

How to gain more lean muscle mass at home in a totally natural manner

There happen to be a wide variety ways of how to gain muscle to lose weight in the comfort of your own home. For the most part, all you will ever need is your own bodyweight and one or two inoffensive gym equipment. With a proper workout regimen, you will be able gain more lean muscle mass in a completely natural, quick and in a stress-free way. Let us now take a closer look at the exact workouts, which can be invaluable in the lean muscle mass growth process.

Cardio workouts

exerciseMany cardio exercises are in an excellent position promoting significant muscle mass growth and development. For instance, simple workouts such as running or jogging can be especially useful. There is no need to invest in expensive gym equipment like treadmills or even elliptical trainers. All you will really need is your own two legs and an excellent pair of running shoes to do the trick. By concentrating 80% of your regular exercise routine on cardio workouts, you will rapidly see great transformations in terms of muscle growth.

Other helpful simplistic workouts that assist in building more muscle mass in a short period of time

pushupAdditionally, there is a good number of simple workouts you can integrate in your regular schedule to ensure you can gain much more lean muscle mass. To begin with, pushups can be a step in the right direction in such an endeavor. As you might be probably be already aware, pushups are specifically designed to efficiently recruit the group of muscles found in the chest, triceps and even the shoulders. This, at one go, guarantees a comprehensive muscle building workout, without having to go any great trouble, while you are at it.

crunches1Crunches can also be particularly ideal training for you gain muscle to lose weight in a very convenient manner. Crunches can substantially assist your core to gain much more strength, while also been able to tone your midsection for a more chiseled abdomen. Also, executing lunges with the help of a set dumbbells on a regular basis, can also be extremely useful in realizing your objectives to gain more lean muscle mass. Finally, squats are also very effective in such body training, primarily because they can facilitate for a relatively progress from simple variations to much more challenging ones, over the passage time.

Top foods that can boost your lean muscle mass gains in natural manner

  1. Grass fed beef

Beef consumption is very critical in the process of building lean muscle mass, which is mainly because of its superior protein content. Beef also happens to be a rich source of essential minerals such as zinc and iron, along with the B complex vitamins together with good cholesterol.

2. Brown rice

Brown rice is a whole grain, which is highly noted for it been slowly digested once in the body. As such, integrating it into your regular diet, will conveniently furnish you with the prerequisite longer lasting energy all through the day, and more important, during your exercise routines. Brown rice can also bolster human growth hormone (HGH) levels in your body, which is vital for quickly promoting muscle growth, optimal fat shredding and muscle strength gains.

3. Eggs

eggEggs are universally regarded as been the best possible instance of protein currently in existence. Still, when it comes to promoting colossal muscle growth and development, these capabilities aren’t derived from the protein part of eggs alone. Quite rather it has plenty do with the yolk, where cholesterol is to be found. Should be suspicious of egg cholesterol, it has been conclusively proven that it can significant minimize the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol particles.

4. Spinach

Spinach is one of the best sources of glutamine, which is a type of amino acid that is essential for proper lean muscle mass growth and development. Making the smart decision to integrate this leafy green vegetable into your regular diet will also go a long way in strengthening your muscles and boosting their endurance.

5. Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt just like plain yoghurt, is prepared from the same source, which is milk. Yet this type of yoghurt is widely acclaimed for possessing a higher protein content (20 g per serving) and lesser carbohydrates content ( 9 g per serving) when contrasted to plain yoghurt. The latter only possesses a relative lower protein content ( 16 g per serving) as well as more carbohydrate content of 16 per serving.

6. Organic cottage cheese

On a parting shot, organic cottage cheese is an especially rich source of casein protein. This type of protein is regarded to be a higher protein grade, and it offers numerous benefits. This includes facilitating for greater muscle retention, greater fat shredding capabilities to name but a few. This makes organic cottage cheese to be able to fast track the gain muscle to lose weight process.

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