Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight

Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight

In most cases, it may seem that skipping breakfast goes a long way in aiding the weight loss process. However, nothing could be much farther from the truth. Taking your time to eat breakfast, in reality can significantly assist in achieving sustainable weight loss and also effective weight management. Statistics from the national weight control registry have proved this issue beyond a shadow of doubt. According to them, most individuals who have managed to maintain a thirty pound or above weight loss for a year, have all cited that they eat breakfast on a regular basis.

Typically, the breakfast choices that are laid out for you are almost endless. Nevertheless, the unanimous consensus among most experts in these matters, is that whole grain cereals undoubtedly top this list. Both in terms of facilitating for significant weight loss, and also improving your overall health and well being. As such, always settle for those cereals which have whole grain or even bran as their primary ingredients. These foods are noted for been high in dietary fiber per every serving, which can keep you satiated for long stretches of hours during the day.

Alternatively, you can opt to eat foods from at least 3 critical food groups like proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. For instance, you can eat milk and whole grain cereals along with a fruit of your choice. On the other hand, you can eat whole wheat toast that is spread with peanut butter. You may also take a fruit smoothie which also contains some yogurt.


The advantages of eating breakfast to lose weight

Eat breakfast to lose weight

When it comes to the exact benefits that can be obtained by opting to eat breakfast to lose weight, the list is virtually endless. To begin with, by eating a wholesome breakfast, your body will be well nourished and also satiated. This in its turn will make less prone to binge on unwholesome snacks or even partake extra servings or bigger portions at lunch or supper. Additionally, according to a research conducted by the American heart association, eating breakfast on a daily basis can greatly minimize the risk of becoming obese. At the same time, it also significantly reduces the likelihood of contracting insulin resistance by up to fifty percent. For those who may perhaps be not in the know, insulin resistance is one of the earliest indicators of diabetes.

The disadvantages of skipping breakfast for weight loss

Now that we have seen the benefits of eating breakfast for weight loss purposes, let us now take a look at the disadvantages of skipping this important meal for the same. It has been fully established that when you skip breakfast, your blood sugar levels plunge. This makes you much more hungry than you would be if you took breakfast, and it also diminishes your energy levels. In turn, you will be prompted to binge on unwholesome snacks as the day progresses. This includes refined carbohydrates, fats, sweets, soft drinks, to mention but a few. Also, in consequence to this impulsive bingeing, you will most likely than not avoid eating fruits and vegetables and other wholesome snacks as your caloric intake will have skyrocketed. All of this therefore can prove to be very detrimental to your weight loss efforts, and achieving the objectives you might have set out for yourself.

In conclusion

If you serious to lose weight, you better concern what you eat, and try to exercise regularly. Don’t think about skipping any meals, especially breakfast.

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