Can water help you to reduce weight?

Can water help you to reduce weight?

Water comes with lot of benefit, losing weight it some of that. I would like to share my experience about it.

waterMany people might get info sharing from social network such as facebook, line, and else regarding benefit of water against weight loss. I got some, and curious about it. I just wonder whether water can assists you to lose extra weight of pounds. I’m really interested in this issue, since I’ve been on the way to lose weight. I’ve tried to reduce weight for couple years. I can say that I have some experience about weight loss. So, I would like to share about this topic.



Question: Can water help you to lose weight?

Me: Let’s me try. I’ve tried and test whether it’s true? I drink lot of water daily. Let’s say I’m drinking about 600 ML each hour. Many people might curious why I drink a lot. I did it, because I exercise regularly in either morning or evening. I lost of water then I need some hydrate inside. For me, I think it’s such a good method to drink lot of water daily, because I’m feeling fresh for the whole day. Water can also balancing PH in your body. Moreover I think I’m quite full, and can eat less. As you know, water is good for you metabolism, and body burning process.

Answer: I can certainly say that water is “one of” burning process factors. It’s really good for your metabolism, and can make you less hunger during day. I can say that water can’t make you lose weight alone. It’s impossible, trust me. You do need some calories from other food, fruit, and vegetable.

In conclusion: Water is such a great “helper”, but it can’t make you lose weight alone.

If you seriously concern to lose weight, you better concern in what you eat, and exercise regularly. It’s the ultimate answer to burn calories out!

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