9 Tips on How to Lose Water Weight
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9 Tips on How to Lose Water Weight

How to Lose Water Weight is practical to everyone. Know some crucial factors while Lose Water Weight naturally. Are you ready to DO it?

Let’s Start to Lose Water Weight


Retaining excess water can really mess with your head when you are trying to lose weight. This is because, even with a perfect diet and exercise program water retention can make you look puffy and overweight. Shedding excess water weight will not only help you reach your weight loss goal faster but also help you fit into smaller sized clothes. Fortunately losing water weight is much easier compared to losing fat. Therefore, if you follow the right steps you will be back wearing those tight fitting clothes that were meant only for Superman. Here we go then, our top 9 tips on how to lose water weight.

Learn 9 Tips on How to Lose Water Weight


9 Tips on How to Lose Water Weight.


  • 1. Say No To Salt: Probably not as compelling as the famous ‘say no to drugs’ slogan but when trying to lose water weight you need to keep your salt consumption low. Tiny water molecules have a tendency to attach itself to salt particles. Therefore, the more salt you consume the more water you will retain.


  • 2. Drink Water To Lose Water: It might sound ridiculous but drinking more water can actually free you from water retention. It may seem logical to drink less water when you are retaining water weight, but not drinking enough water forces the body to go on a water storage mode. The body senses the water shortage and holds on to whatever water it has making it that much difficult to shed the water weight. However, that doesn’t mean you start chugging gallons of water every few minutes. The best practice is to keep sipping small amounts of water throughout the day.


  • 3. Potassium to The Rescue: If there is one nutrient that can help solve your body’s water logging problem it’s potassium. Potassium encourages the kidney to excrete excess water maintaining a healthy fluid balance in the body. Spinach, salmon, banana, avocado, and mushroom are all potassium rich food. Include these food items in your diet and make sure you get the daily value of potassium. You can also have a multivitamin and mineral tablet to get your daily dose.


  • 4. Ban Sugar: If you are on a fat loss diet, you probably have eliminated sugar from your diet already. Nonetheless it goes without saying that sugar should be banned from your diet forever. This is because it not only increases your body fat percentage but also helps body retain more fluid. If you absolutely have to have something sweet go for sugar replacement substitutes.


  • 5. Get a dose of Coffee: Next on our list of how to lose water weight is everybody’s favorite, coffee. If you love having coffee or drinks that contains caffeine then the good news is that caffeine actually helps shed water weight. Caffeine has a diuretic effect and encourages the body to eliminate stored water. However, excessive caffeine can cause other problems such as dehydration and insulin resistance. Therefore, anything more than 3 cups a day is simply overdoing it.


  • 6. Sweat It Out: If only there was a way to leak the excess water out of the body. Much safer than puncturing your own body, high intensity cardio workouts can help you lose excess water through perspiration. Exercise also dilates the blood vessels enabling the body to transport more water to the kidneys to be excreted out as urine. Going for sauna is also a great way to induce excessive sweat and can be a very effective and easy way to lose water weight.


  • 7. Get a few Sessions of Acupressure: There are several points in our body that can help combat water retention. If you are aware of these points you can do it yourself at home. However, it’s best to visit a licensed acupressure expert. Ask the therapist to focus on the water retention problem and go for a few sessions every week for a month to see results.


  • 8. Consume Probiotic Food: Probiotic food such as yogurt contains healthy bacteria which can help reduce gas and the feeling of bloating. Stock up on yogurt and other probiotic food and have it regularly.


  • 9. Visit A Doctor: More often than water retention is harmless and is caused by excess salt consumption or dehydration. However, a chronic water retention problem can be an indication of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if following the above mentioned tips on how to lose water weight doesn’t help, it’s best to speak to a doctor.
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