10 Easy Tips on How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast
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10 Easy Tips on How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Losing 10 pounds fast is not just a dream. Learn 10 Easy tips on How to lose 10 pounds fast. It’s natural method, DIY, and effective!

At times, losing weight can seem really difficult but by making some very simple changes to the way that you live, you can drop the pounds and fast! The following 10 tips on how lose 10 pounds fast are perfect to get you ready for the summer months and to simply make you feel more confident in the skin that you’re in.


How to lose 10 pounds fast


1o Quick & Easy on How to lose 10 pounds fast


  • 1. Start by taking a look at the foods that you eat and make changes wherever possible. If you live on junk-food, then it’s time to crack that habit once and for all. A little but of what you fancy now and again is fine, just don’t get carried away. Fruits and vegetables should make up at least 50% of your diet, try and get something green into each meal and you will soon notice the difference. Protein is important too because it fills you up, so eat lots of chicken, fish and eggs.


  • 2. Now that you are starting to pay attention to WHAT you eat, it’s then time to look at how much you eat. Portion sizes these days are often way bigger than what they need to be, hence the number of people who are obese is increasing. You don’t have to always fill up your plate and as a rule of thumb, a meal portion should be about the size of your fist.


  • 3.  It’s important to listen to your body in terms of hunger and not to your emotions. A high percentage of people eat when they are hungry, sad and pretty much everything in between! If you fall into this category, then do something else when you have the need to eat your feelings like talk to somebody or even exercise. Once you stop this damaging habit, you will soon start to see the weight drop off.


  • 4. You might have heard this many times before but not enough can be said about the benefits of drinking water when it comes to losing weight and improving the way that you look on a whole. H20 will fill you up, flush bad toxins out of your body amongst other health benefits. In short, its pretty damn amazing so you should always keep a water bottle with you. When you feel the urge to eat, you might just be thirsty so take a drink.


  • 5. Get your body moving in whatever way that you can, exercise COMBINED with a healthy diet is vital for steady weight loss. If you are a beginner at exercise, then find something that you enjoy doing that helps to burn calories. Exercise DVD’s, dancing or doing some sort of sport can be great fun. Even walking can make a difference, so ditch your car whenever possible and get those legs working.


  • 6. Start thinking about counting calories, this is actually really easy to do thanks to apps like MyFitnessPal. The average woman needs between 1500-2000 calories a day but since you are trying to lose weight 1200-1400 is fine as long as you are getting all the nutrients that you need. Don’t forget that every calorie counts so don’t forget to count the beverages that you drink too and keep an eye on serving sizes.


  • 7. Buy an item of clothing like a dress or top that is smaller than your usual size and motivates you to lose weight. Hanging this item of clothing somewhere that you can see it will remind you of your end goal when you are tempted to eat something naughty.


  • 8. Look for delicious and healthy food recipes online so that you can experiment in the kitchen. There are so many healthy foods out there that you have probably never heard of and finding them will make your new lifestyle fun and much more achievable for you.


  • 9. Don’t try fad diets or diet pills, they do not work in the long term and can be bad for your health. I’m not saying that living on cabbage soup for a week won’t help you lose weight but when you start eating again, you will gain it all back and then some! Losing weight quickly but in a way that means you can keep it off simply comes down to eating less and moving more.


  • 10. Do not weigh yourself too often, the body fluctuates in pounds so often that stepping on those scales too often could only deter you from your goal. Weighing once a week is more than enough and it means that you will see the results that you want.


These 10 tips on How to lose 10 pounds fast really work and you can keep them up in the long term which means that you can get the body that you have always wanted, while enjoying the process.


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